Personalized external flooring through a variety of colors and styles.


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It is a product based on colored pigments, fibers, dispersants and plasticizers, anti-efflorescence products and additives, mixed with cements and gravels of various colors, shapes and sizes, it forms a dough that could be applied with 2 to 5 cm thicknesses on fresh concrete or already seasoned. 






BETON-FIX is a ready-to-use powder adhesion promoter made up of selected sands, cements, dispersing and fluidifying additives and powder resins.







CSK is a deactivating product that, once applied to a fresh concrete, slows down its surface grip.
It is specific for CHROMOSTONE stone washed architectural flooring. 





It is a concrete flooring resin, specifically formulated to give excellent resistance to weather, water, frost, industrial fumes of medium aggressiveness (acids and bases), non-added oils, molds, salts, Diluted acids, alkaline solutions, infrared and ultraviolet rays, and so on. Sealfloor 100 is a single component transparent acrylic polymers and is suitable for concrete floors and floors, industrial floors, printed floors, stone spray floors, stone overlay floors and acidified floors.



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