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Colored dry blend ready for use; Consists of quartzes with a silica content of 98.8% in well-studied and closed granulometric curve, cements, ultraviolet and infrared-resistant pigments and cement alkalinity, dispersing additives, aggregates, hardeners, plasticizers and polymers which allow adhesiveness of the product to existing media.








It is a liquid ready-to-use, transparent product that is applied on the fresh surface of the stone overlay floor or the Decowall coating molds to form a dividing membrane between the same and the surface to be printed.







It is a concrete flooring resin, specifically formulated to provide excellent resistance to weather, water, frost, industrial fumes of medium aggressiveness (acids and bases), non-additives, molds, salts, Diluted acids, alkaline solutions, infrared and ultraviolet rays, and so on. Sealfloor 100 is a single component transparent acrylic polymers and is suitable for concrete floors and floors, industrial floors, printed floors, stone spray floors, stone overlay floors and acidified floors. 





It is a product based on acrylic resins, diluents, dispersants, mineral aggregates; It is particularly suitable for the decoration and antiquity of low-density Stone Overlay flooring and concrete floor tiles. It is used in conjunction with the LIQUID DISCHARGE in the work (interior or exterior) where the dust separator (STONART) can not be applied. It can be supplied in various colors. The packaging is from lt 20





Primer-MT is an adhesion promoter for cement-based materials.
Its extremely small particles can penetrate where most primers do not arrive; PRIMER-MT penetrates the substrate by bonding strongly inside the cement matrix to create a better bonding surface for Micro-Topping.




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