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Rockwall is a single-component compound made of cement, polymers, additives and selected sands. It adheres perfectly to cements, wood, bricks and plasterboard up to a thickness of 8-10 cm in a single solution.






Wax-based, waterproofing, dye-resistant and solvent-free protective coating for DECOWALL® and ROCKWALL® coatings.
It is produced in a variety of colors that can be mixed between them to obtain shades and color effect desired.






Waterproofing, dyeing and protective product to be used on DECOWALL coating. It can be supplied in neutral color or in various colors mixable to obtain shades and desired color effect. It comes packed in Kg. 0,500, Kg. 3, and Kg. 13. It has a yield of about 15-20 mq per Kg.














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