Pattern Imprinted Concrete flooring, decorative concrete floor.


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Hardstone color hardener- Colored dry blend ready for use; It is composed of quartzes with a siliceous content of 98.8% in well-studied and closed granulometric curve, cements, ultraviolet and infrared-resistant pigments and cement alkalinity, dispersing, aggregating, hardening and plasticizing additives.





Stonart is a ready-to-use, non-stick, detached, colored powder that is distributed on Hardstone treatment to form a membrane between fresh concrete and molds.




It is a concrete flooring resin, specifically formulated to provide excellent resistance to weather, water, frost, industrial fumes of medium aggressiveness (acids and bases), non-additive olis, molds, salts, diluted acids, alkaline solutions, infrared and ultraviolet rays, and so on. Sealfloor 100 is a single component transparent acrylic polymers and is suitable for concrete floors and floors, industrial floors, printed floors, stone spray floors, stone overlay floors and acidified floors.



It is a granulometric powder determined to be mixed with Sealfloor 100 to make non-slip flooring.




It is a mixture of solvents particularly suitable to dilute Sealfloor 100 and Sealfloor color resins.




Polypropylene filaments with high molecular weight; The fibers have a smooth and uniform appearance, without branching or fibrillation. The nominal diameter is about 18 microns, weight is 2.2g for 10km of a single filament (about 150,000,000 of 18mm fibers in a 600g package). FIBERCEM® is highly resistant to acids and alkalis, it is perfectly stable to ultraviolet rays, bacteria and molds; It has a remarkable cement adhesion due to the chemical bonds that develop (hydrogen bridges between the fibers -CN of the fiber and those of OH of silicate hydrates of the cement matrix). 

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