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TOP-COAT is a colored, cement-based coating, to be applied on non-resinated concrete surfaces, both inside and outside. It has good resistance to abrasion and UV rays. It is a colored bi-component product to be mixed thoroughly before application. 23 colors are available.







Water-based universal water-based paintbrush, easy to use, it does not drain if applied on vertical surfaces and removes more than one layer of varnish with one single pass.






It is a water-soluble anti-aging agent, designed to give a second color or to highlight areas on low-density or printed flooring (Decotop overlay). It is easy to apply, quickly dries and gives the floor a finish similar to that obtained with the detonating powder (Stonart).






Transparent bicomponent polyurethane resin for floors.
Polystone TR 100 is a transparent enamel specifically for civil and industrial floor painting. It is particularly suitable for those applications in which it is necessary to meet very strict pedestrian and chemical resistance requirements, such as industrial and civilian floors, canning industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, warehouse, hospitals, canteens, schools, shops.





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