Decotop Spray

P SPRAY is an innovative product, formulated by Stone International, designed to renew old concrete surfaces without any demolition, saving at the same time problems, money and time.                   


DECOTOP SPRAY is easy and fast to apply, using a trowel and a spray gun, on the existing cement flooring both on horizontal and vertical surfaces.


Selecting the stencil's patterns and differnet application techniques is it possible to create different finishing and texture. Just as an example you can realize an European Fan , an Herringbone or a custom texture flooring.


This kind of flooring is extremely tough, anti skid, water resistant and decorated with long lasting colors even if exposed to severe weather condition, the last but not the least they have a good resistance against abrasion, chlorine, salts, fats and to diluted acid solutions.

Easy to clean using high pressure water stream and if necessary using commercial soaps.


DECOTOP SPRAY is suitable to be applied on streets, sidewalks, patios, walkways, ramps, stairs, pool's sidewalks, wainscoting, wall coverings, coatings reinforced concrete, plaster and is also used to consolidate, refine and improve existing facilities.
The application thickness is from 6mm up to 8mm.