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acid stain

With ACID STAIN acidified floors you can achieve effects that resemble polished marble or natural stone. They are very modern floors, suitable for professional studios but also for private homes, shops, showrooms, hotels and large exhibition spaces.

Acid Stain is technically a compound made of metal salts and pads of various nature; It could be applied on concrete screeds, on micro topping and on self-leveling floor and it develops with these bases a chemical reaction that produces colored salt crystals that fill the microporousness of the screed, permanently coloring the surface.
Acid Stain is offered in 10 standard colors with which you can create a large number of shades.
The same acids can develop different colors when used on different concrete.
 can be used also on Printed floors, Stone overlay floors, Stone spray floors, Micro topping to grace the surface or to give different shades of color.

It is a product that quickly dries, just 30 minutes, it does not need to be washed and can be directly resinated.

It is available in the following colors:

  • RED
  • BLUE

Moreover, by mixing the colors between them you can get multiple shades.

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