Decotop Overlay

Decotop Overlay is an innovative product for the realization of low thickness stamped floors, a new formulation, single component, used to coat, finish or restore existing concrete surfaces. It can be printed or acidified.                                                                                     

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It is suitable for roads, patios, pools, theme parks, parking lots, driveways, terraces, ramps, sidewalks, restaurants, pubs, both outdoor and indoor.

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It can offer various solutions of textures and patterns and adding of COLORTOP in the mix you can obtain 23 different base colors.                                                                             
Renew your flooring with DECOTOP OVERLAY means saving the costs of demolition and disposal of your old concrete.

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• Available in thickness from 7 mm to 20 mm
• Can be colored with our COLORTOP
• Great grip, very easy to apply
• Very hard, frost-resistant, water resistant
• Excellent wear resistance and abrasion

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Transform your old concrete floor into something very elegant.

RENEW YOUR OLD CONCRETE FLOOR WITHOUT DEMOLITION.                                                                             


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