The architectural concrete

The Chromostone is a floor with architectural exposed aggregates effect, beautiful and affordable, that furnish and personalize outdoor trough a variety of colors, designs and finishes.


The exposed aggregates floor is ideal for swimming pools, avenues, squares, sidewalks, public gardens, theme parks, pedestrian areas, parking lots, round traffic island, retraining and urban renewal, etc..


Using  natural stones of different sizes and colors we can obtain a wide range of architectural effects in full compliance with the environmental balance.


Thank to its low thickness it is suitable to be applied on existing concrete slabs , this kind of flooring is highly resistant , water repellent, vehicle accessible, fastg and easy to apply. 

Chromostone mixed with cement and gravel of various colors, shapes and dimensions, is applied with thicknesses from 2 to 4 cm both on fresh concrete or on cured one.

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