Imprinted Concrete

Stone International introduced the imprinted concrete flooring in the Italian and European markets in the mid-1990s, becoming a leading company in a very short time.


Imprinted floors are solid and robust, require little maintenance, are highly resistant to weather and UV rays, they do not mind dust, water, mold and temperature fluctuations.

How do you create an imprinted floor?

It is easy: a fresh concrete slab is colored using a base and an accent color then patterned and/or textured with mats. Then is sealed using resin. Fibers, hardeners, additiviesd and resin are manufactured by Stone International that guarantee a flooring with extraordinary features.


As with other noble materials such as marble or wood, the imprinted concrete floorings are always unique. The printed concrete flooring is created handcrafted.

What you can do and realize

You can accomplish everything you think, both from outside and from inside!
Sidewalks, streets, courtyards, squares, avenues, exhibition centers, ramps, garages, car parks, swimming pools, terraces, remodeling of historic centers etc.
The wide range of models and colors combined with the great convenience makes the imprinted concrete the ideal choice for your needs.


Imprinted concrete offer the strength and robustness of an armored concrete slab and the beauty of porphyry, wood, sanpietrino flooring or the infinity of architectural effects that this type of pavement can take.

Imprinted concrete can also be used on pre-existing concrete surfaces, with minimum available thickness (7mm up to 20mm), using the Decotop Overlay system.

Being able to realize your new floor above the existing one gives you the huge benefit of a remarkable saving of time, labor and costs!

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