Microcement or Microtopping is a cement-based floor with a thickness of 2-3 mm and an highly abrasion resistance. Because of its strong adhesion, the microcement can be applied virtually on any type of stable surface, including ceramics. Due to the fact that Mikrodecor can be applied on existing floors is possible to get a quick surface renovation , saving time and money.


Unlike most floor and wall coverings, the microcement is absolutely customizable. The material allows a wide choice of colors and the creation of desired shapes and designs. The mortar can be colored with Colortop to get cloudy and spatulate effects or treated with Acid Stain and Dye Color products. The craftsmanship of the application makes the texture of the surface unrepeatable in every work.                                                                    


As with other noble materials such as marble or wood, micro concrete floors are always unique. The Mikrodecor (product to realize the microcement) is applied artisanally, manually and spatula.


Since it does not require any type of large or heavy equipment it is especially suitable to be placed in any type of construction, including homes already occupied or located in upper floors. The Mikrodecor is water-repellent on the visible surface, which makes it suitable for insertions such as kitchens, bathrooms, shower enclosures, or even bath tub covers.


It is not, however, a waterproofing element, so it is necessary that the base on which it is applied is perfectly dry and be sure that moisture does not appear in the future. In any case, though it can not be considered as a waterproofing product, it still has an excellent effect against water and moisture.