Stone Floor 2k Is an epoxy binder mixed with natural granules to create unique coatings.


Stone Floor is easy to use due to the characteristics of two-component, odorless, solvent-free and ease of preparation with aggregates of different particle size range. Just add the desired color and granulometry aggregates, mix and then apply the dough on the surface to be decorated.


With Carpet Floor, you can make outdoor flooring such as squares, avenues, sidewalks, porches and decorative coatings of terraces, balconies, edges and indoor pools.

Its excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, moreover, allows its use outside, in particular way for the realization of draining surfaces, natural and scenic areas of low thickness, draining and durable. renewing and upgrading the old concrete exterior surfaces creating natural surfaces with multiple geometric shapes and color effects.

Stone Floor is a polyurethane binder, aliphatic, two component, transparent, moisture-curing, non-yellowing, solvent-free. Carpet Floor, mixed in the proper ratio aggregate / binder with dry aggregates, allows to obtain coatings with high resistance to wear and yellowing.